Omega 3 & Joints

For Brain and Body

Healthy joints are vital for maintaining quality of life as well as sports performance. Our products contain only the highest quality Omega 3 to keep your joints and soft tissue healthy and functioning optimally.

Joint health is vital to our overall well being, mobilityand quality of life as well as sports performance.

Team Nutrition is passionate about providing a range ofproducts which have been scientifically proven to help support and improve jointhealth. Omega 3 has a wide range of clinically proven health benefits such asimproved blood cholesterol levels, reduced inflammation, especially jointinflammation associated with arthritis, reduced premenstrual symptoms, improvedeye health and enhanced nerve function.

Our Krill Oil capsules are 48 times more effective thantraditional fish oil in providing omega 3 to our bodies as it is in a form moreeasily used and bioavailable to our bodies.

Collagen and glucosamine are vital nutrients which aid andmaintain mobility in damaged or injured joints and ligaments. Collagenspecifically helps the body to create amino acids and protein to repair damagedtissue. Glucosamine has been shown to be particularly effective at supportingjoint health in suffers of osteoarthritis.

Vitacoll includes only the highest quality, high strengthcollagen and glucosamine with a blend of specifically selected vitamins andminerals making it an excellent choice for individuals suffering joint pain orthose engaging in demanding pursuits looking to offset potential damage.

Best suited for:

  • Individuals looking for high quality, clinically provenjoint health supplements
  • Athletes and recreationally active individuals looking toreduce the risk of joint damage
  • Anyone looking to repair and/or maintain healthy joints
  • Sufferers of joint pain and/or osteoarthritis looking forinflammation and pain reduction