Elete Electrolyte Add In 25ml - Rapid Electrolyte Replacement

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25ml add-in dropper pack for 10 litres

  • Concentrated electrolyte replacement
  • Aids rapid rehydration during exercise
  • Helps prevent the onset of muscle cramps
  • Taste and sugar free.

Vegetarian friendly Vegan friendly Dairy free and suitable for lactose intolerance Wheat free and suitable for gluten intolerance

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Speedy Electrolyte Replacement

  • Speeds hydration with ionic charged electrolytes
  • Improves electrolyte balance
  • Aids muscle contractions and anti cramping
  • Improves performance, endurance and mental focus
  • Bladder friendly hydration 
  • Available in a handy dropper form

Scientifically Formulated For Athletes

  • Elete Add In is a concentrate electrolyte replacement with easily-assimilated, ionically-charged electrolytes plus trace elements and mineral which aid rapid rehydration during exercise and helps to prevent the onset of muscle cramps while speeding up muscle contractions
  • Recommended before during and after any exercise or travel for rapid hydration and mineral replenishment
  • Just add to water or sport drinks. It is produced by evaporation of mineral-rich water from the Great Lake in Utah and offers superior hydration performance without sugars, artificial colours, flavors or preservatives 
  • No staining - Elete is ideal for use in water bottles and back packs with bladders

Nutritional Information

Total per 100ml Per 2.5ml serving
Energy 0 0
Carbohydrate 0 0
(of which sugars) 0 0
Protein 0 0
Fat 0 0
(of which saturates) 0 0
Fibre 0 0
Sodium Chloride 5.0g 125mg
Chloride 15,6g 390mg
Potassium 5.2g 130mg
Magnesium 1.8g 45mg
Calcium 0.8g 20mg
Sodium Citrate 3.24g 81mg

Hydration Instructions

  • Add 2.5ml of elete Electrolyte Add-In (a capful from the 25ml pocket bottle) to 1 litre of water, juice or any beverage and mix by shaking or stirring
  • More or less may be added to suite taste and performance
  • Consume as needed to satisfy thirst.


Sea Mineral Concentrates, Purified Water, Potassium Chloride. Safe for athletes subjected to IOC and FA drug testing

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Jozef - - 4 Stars

has all the electrolytes/salts to keep you hydrating and hydrated during exercise - and you can fit a few in any small pocket which is handy

Dom - - 5 Stars

With this, those spurious claims made by lucozade seem on even shakier ground. Electrolytes with hypotonic not isotonic hydration is what you need!!!

PaisBas86 - - 4 Stars

No taste, exactly how I want it! Pretty effective electrolyte add in too!

Amogh - - 4 Stars

I prefer to drink water on a run but realise you need electrolytes and salts to hydrate efficiently - Elete Electrolytes are an effective way of doing so without forking out a payday cheque for the privilege. Got free delivery as well!

Checo - - 4 Stars

This is really up there: Has the required salts to replenish the fluids in the body; Keeps me hydrated. Thanks!