Energy Bars

Snacking Never Tasted this Good

Perfect as a snack or as energy during endurance events if you prefer real food to energy gels. Our range of healthy, nutritious energy bars contain no added sugar, are 100% natural and taste great.

Our range of healthy energy bars are perfect when you need anutritious snack to boost your energy. Our bars are made 100% from pressedfruit, dates, oats and nuts. We don't add any sugar, artificial flavours orsweeteners so you can be assured that these are the healthiest bars you willfind.

Energy bars provide convenient and tasty carbohydrate tohelp fuel your training and competition. Our bars are packed with energy to keepyou going for longer. They are an ideal pre and post training snack and caneasily be transported in a cycle jersey, pocket or kit bag to eat as and whenneeded.

All our Trek and Nakd bars are suitable for vegetarians andvegans and almost all of the bars are gluten free for those with a wheat orgluten sensitivity.

Our energy bars are excellent for multi-day events andexpeditions as they pack high levels of carbohydrate and protein to help you stayfuelled and recover on the go.

Best suited for:

  • Pre- and post-exercise snacks
  • Anyone looking to increase their energy intake
  • Individuals taking part in ultra and/or multi-day events
  • People who prefer to fuel their sport with 'real food'
  • Anyone looking for a healthy, natural and nutritious snack