Team Nutrition Sponsored Athletes

Steve Edwards

World Record Marathon Holder

Steve Edwards runs his 600th marathon
Steve Edwards has been running marathons for over 30 years and has been running a marathon almost every weekend for the past 5!

He is a big believer in the rapid hydration of Pura HydroCharger 90 but also like HydroCharger 180+ for the extra caffeine boost and has been able to shave more than 5 minutes off his times since switching to the new formulation.

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> Steve crossing the finish line for his 600th official marathon in the beautiful (but rainy) scenery of the Lake District

Beth Parker

Olympic Weightlifter/Powerlifter

Beth Parker Weightlifter training
Beth has been sponsored by Team Nutrition since 2013, aged 18, and has seen her athletic progress increase dramatically. She is now aiming to compete at Tokyo 2020 in the <61kg Weightlifting category and is getting very close to breaking U21 lifting records.

A student of the University of Sheffield, she does exceptionally well to fit in daily training sessions around her studies.

She loves Pura ReCharger Recovery, Pura BCAA 2:1:1, and Pura Power Bio Protein to provide her diet (almost 3000 calories per day) with the optimum levels of protein.

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Nick Corlett

Olympic Mountain Bike

NIck Corlett wins at the Island Games
Nick has enjoying a remarkable start to his rookie season at Elite level, often medalling against far more experienced riders.

He also recently competed at the Island Games, representing the Isle of Man, and winning 4 gold medals.

He is powered by a combination of Pura Beetroot Bite 450 to provide a nitric oxide boost to his muscles before the race, HydroCharger 180+ to keep him hydrated and focused during competition, and then ReCharger to allow him to get back out on the bike the next day.

Show your support to Nick on Twitter: @nickc1195