Get Back Out There

Our recovery range provides all the essential nutrients to kick start recovery to help you avoid that soreness. Consume within 30 minutes of finishing exercise for maximum benefit.

As soon as you have finished a hard training session, yourbody begins adapting to suit the type and style of exercise, be it a weightssession or a long run. To support these adaptations you need to supply yourbody with the essential nutrients it needs to replenish energy and to repairand rebuild your muscles.

There is a 30 minute 'window' after you finish training whenyour body is most receptive to taking onboard these nutrients. Therefore youshould consume a protein and carbohydrate based snack as soon as possible aftertraining to maximise your recovery.

Our recovery range has been designed to deliver the exactnutrients you need to recover in the optimal amounts. Made from only the finestnatural ingredients our recovery range will ensure you are ready to train hardagain sooner and reduce muscle soreness.

Best suited for:

  • Individuals undertaking multiple training sessions within 24hours
  • Anyone engaged in heavy/intense training sessions fromweight training to marathon training
  • Anyone looking for a convenient, precisely formulatedrecovery product to enhance training adaptations

Pure Organic Whey Protein Concentrate

  • 20g Protein per serving
  • 4.6g Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Perfect for shakes
  • 102kcal per serving

Organic CertifiedVegetarian friendlyGluten Free and suitable for wheat intolerancesSoy freeHalal CertifiedKosher Certified

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Sponser Liquid Energy BCAA Tubes - Caffeine Energy with Protein

70g tubes

  • 173 Kcal per tube
  • 40 mg of Caffeine in a unique easy to open and close tube.
  • Added BCAA profile for recovery on the go
  • Temperature stable for use in all weather conditions
  • Added Sodium to boost glucose absorption

Lactose friendly

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